Allied Tube Fittings and Valves is a company whose owners have over 35 years of combined experience in the industry. A constant awareness of developments in the Instrumentation and Mining industry, has enabled us in approaching and achieving higher levels of technical expertise.


Allied Tube Fittings and Valves was formed with the operating philosophy of servicing our customers more efficiently.


We are an owner run and managed organisation with the ability to make immediate decisions which results in prompt implementation.


We have gained the confidence of our clients for being a reliable supplier due to our ability to supply the correct products in respect of the application requirements timeously and at competitive prices.


We are actively involved in the design and fabrication of specialized engineering equipment. The range of equipment includes:


  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Tank Level Controls


Allied Tube Fittings and Valves is a leading distributor of Parker Hannifin motion control components and systems, supplying Southern Africa with 800 product lines for instrumentations, hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical applications. Allied Tube Fittings and Valves serves various markets, represents a broad product range and offers a rapid service in a diversity of applications.


We are focused on performance and together with our highly skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Allied Tube Fittings and Valves are able to assist with any engineering requirements and can assist in the design and implementation of our clients products with the best possible advice and service ensuring that our clients receive the correct product for your specific need promptly and at a competitive price which is important in winning, keeping and ensuring long term relationships with our clients.


We are committed to creating and maintaining strong customer relationships and we have achieved this by delivering premier customer service from the products to our dedicated customer service and support


Products and services

Allied Tube Fittings and Valves offer a broad range of products and services which are unrivalled and we are continuously striving to find ways to increase the value of our products and services we offer to our clients. Our product groups offer complete value and consists of




·                  Gate / Brass

·                  Globe Bronze with Stainless Steel trim ideal for steam

·                  Ball / Stainless Steel and Brass Nickel plated

·                  Needle / Stainless Steel, Brass and Steel

·                  Check / Stainless Steel, Brass and Steel



Tubing and Fittings


·                  A complete range of Stainless Steel, Copper, Plastic and Hydraulic tubing

·                  Compression Tube Fittings / Stainless Steel, Brass and Steel

·                  Pipe fittings / Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised and Steam

·                  Push-In Fittings / Stainless Steel, Plastic, Nickel Plated Brass

·                  Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Automotive, Re-useable and Air Brake Fittings





·                  Camlok, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Plastic

·                  Sleeve type for Pneumatics and Hydraulics



Hydraulic and Lubrication


·                  Hoses and fittings made to your specifications

·                  Filters, Coolers, Regulators, Control Valves

·                  Pumps Hydraulic Grease and Oil / Reels




FLUID CONNECTORS - The vital link in industrial fluid systems, our products cover a selection of steel / stainless steel and brass products such as:


  • Hydraulic Hose and hose fittings and crimped equipment                            
  • Industrial tube fittings                            
  • Ermeto original progressive ring fittings and E02 tubing
  • Quick couplings – hydraulic and pneumatic ranges
  • Brass fittings and valves – compression and air brake
  • Parflex – thermoplastic hose, high pressure hoses and fittings                            
  • Polyflex – water jetting technology



INSTRUMENTATION - Integrity and security for hazardous environments, products include:


  • A-lok twin ferrule – stainless / brass and exotic
  • C.P.I single ferrule – stainless / brass and exotic
  • Needle valves – stainless and brass
  • Ball valves - B series / MB series / Mini and swing-out etc
  • Rotary plug valves and electric / pneumatic actuators
  • Filters – in line and T – Stainless and brass
  • Check valves – C & CO series – Stainless and brass
  • Relief valves RL4 and RH4 series
  • Bleed, purge and precision metering valves
  • Instrument manifolds
  • Flanged double block and bleed valves
  • Instrumentation quick couplings
  • Veriflo regulators, valves and flow controllers
  • Tube fabrication equipment and tools


FILTRATION - Increasing efficiency and protecting our environment, products include:


  • Filtration in all applications
  • Hydrocarbon fuels, hydraulic and lubrication oils
  • Process products and aviation fuels
  • Compressed air and gas filtration products
  • Gas generators, samplers and analysers



SEALS - Extending the performance and reliability of fluid systems, products include:


  • Precision “O” rings, hydraulic and pneumatic seals
  • Moulded and extruded products
  • U-Packing seals, rod wipers and resilient metal seals